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Abouzar K. Poetry & Fiction

Experimenting in Unprecedented Meters

توسط آگوست 26, 2022سپتامبر 15th, 2022بدون نظر

Abouzar Karimi

Drizzlings of Orchard I am, Drizle of Orchard I am, Droplets I am
Glimmer of lamp I am – forget lamp – brillinece I am

I’m daybreak of hope, white as your hands
Glint of key, keyword I am, I am Peace Be Upon

I am cloak of light draped over body of darkness
Twinkling of Sirius in the Land of Darkness I am

Flames of speed I am   I shine shine shine
I’m ecstasy, frenzied; sweet I am, I’m all-alluring
Be, I said, it Became; The DoomTune I am, I am Motionlessness
I am finger, I am fist, Blows & Hits I am

The Cosmos Fall Afire once I Dance
On to the Horrors I am the Smile; I am harm

When I lay back, storms rise up
When I’m spilled, I’m Spirit & Wine, spilled – I do make dead-drunk

Blessing of Light, Life of body of Day & Night
The golden wheat in bread, bliss of blessings I am

Whoever however you are, you’re a mere snail in the Sea of Mine
In the face of your Formal Logic I am Awe-Struck, Otherworldly Word

Nectar of healing in the vine of every thriving grapevine
Origin of amicability in the movement of essence & attributions I am

I am the patience of cask, fermentation of Wills I am
I am foot-stomped extract of elation of ecstasy

O Thou Dark Night, I laugh at your fright
I am the chain of light aimed at darkness of attacks

The ultimate of Star the Lost at Sea
The image on my pages is none but the Turquoise Dome

Translated by Saghi Ghahraman