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Lily Of The Valley

توسط دسامبر 13, 2021سپتامبر 15th, 2022بدون نظر


 پوست آهو کشیده به تن


Standing slanting erect like trees teasing the wind

His unbraided hair linger on shoulder blades


He’s pulled deerskin over his flesh

به ناز

 ایستاده، خیال می کنم، اما همین فقط ایستاده، اما به ناز

Not bent

Not straight

Leaning his temple on the wall

The sun

Now gone

Splashed on his skin sunrays

He tips with the tip of the toes the pillow; not fallen on the foot of

The bed in this room which is not a bedroom but a café

Where I sleep at nights with all the beer

And gaze at his skin at him


Naked nude

در را به هم می زند پنجره را به هم می زند

سرد است

لخت است

زیر لایه های لباس

دستش را می کشد



On my eyes my lips

Opens my eyes my legs

So that I go



Not come go back

Not in sleep

Not in person

And my mouth




Not to inhale

Doesn’t look like sucking this swallowing up

I am sinking I am not coming, here,


که ایستاده او باد وزیده به ایستادنش همیشه


Under layers of shirts color

Over color

Sitting up, or down, or naked

Under layers of garments

It’s a wonder how his cloths’re becoming on his body on which

The sun shines on his moonlit skin

And his hands

Those hands

And the legs

And the back

And the hair

Sitting on the shoulder tips

به ناز

And the moonlit face

به ناز

And the moonlit تن

به ناز

کفل ِگرد ِ ماه ِ کوچک ِ گرد

به ناز

And the doped balls

Dosing off hanging

به ناز

And sleepy dizzy dick





Nude under layers

Of garment

And here

My head

My tired drunken smoking coughing crying head


Tipped to the side

On my shoulders,

Turns hungry around

And he

Standing naked under layers of garments


A never present sun shines

On his skin

اخمالو اندکی، اندکی به ناز

می چرخد

وا می کند

His beautiful mouth, shuts his beautiful eyes, we’re nowhere here is nowhere to be,

Sings, or he is sung by his song

خسته ام، حیرت کرده ام، از دست می روم، مست

I drink a little more

And blame it on the bottle when I see

A single stem of Jasmine, or

A tall Lily of the Valley, or

An evergrand ever-ruthless tree

Sit by me, shake his head:

To whatever, whatever, whatever

And leans his head

به دیوار

Not on my knees, and lets go

زیر لباس

لخت، لخت لخت

I am god if I am not

Ripping shirts and pants off


To bare him

To bear him


To swallow the dick whole while his hands

Hold my head tight so I don’t swallow him whole

Owen Sound, Ontario

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