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Abouzar K. Poetry & Fiction


توسط جولای 23, 2022سپتامبر 15th, 2022بدون نظر

Stands with a crystal wand in hand
Eyeing the racing words

It’s you running wild in the night of mine succession of words}
{Saying You Are Not, which truth be told, you’re right

Doves, her words and self
One dove hidden in sleeve
So she can be entirely and silently both the magician and the magic

In my head, you, creeping with blows}
{?In whom the Multiplicated blow of a halt holds

There’s delicacy of a sore in her with a crystal wand
An injury to self and an injury to God
With a hint of bodylessness she questions stoutness

You are with invasive words the body in my body}
{Molten crystal you are in my clusters


Abouzar Karimi
Poet, Author, Critic
Tehran, Iran
unpublished, The Book Of Meanwhile

Translated By Saghi Ghahraman

Original Farsi