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Abouzar K. Poetry & Fiction

On Rotation of MUST BEs

توسط آگوست 18, 2022سپتامبر 15th, 2022بدون نظر

Scribbling for Nine Historical Moments

Abouzar Karimi


Sound of meaning distanced from mouth, is
Justice for life void of MUST BEs, amid
Cries of Must BE HANGEDs

Is a bleep
The whole lot of Actions MUST BE Taken,

Of the ..aeMM in the existence of the MUST BEs
To the must-NOT-BEs
The urgency of the Action Must Be Taken
Of actions with wailing ..tions.. left in their ACTIONS MUST BE TAKENs

To reach a measured-up HaHaaHa
To reach all the warmth embedded in Moving Constants, and
The whole range of unMoving Asteroids
The existence of HahaaHa of any of those in thozze z’ z’s
Of the MUST BEs remaining unnoticed
In anything that MUST actually BE
And MUST BEs of things that MUST
In Must
Be remembered
In Must



Will Be is indication of Won’t Be in the act of enactment, whatever action that its enactment is a must

    The resolve in any Must makes every Will Be step back from turning inevitable

Must turn into any act of Implementation

With any un-executed Execution

      Or Action
Or Occupation
Or Expression not carried out,
 A Must Be contains a Won’t Be
In every enacted Action

Any action in rotation of Will BEs furthers away from execution

 with every shout of … Be Acted
… Be Formed
… Be Systemised
… Be Disdained
… Be Stabilized
…Be Purged
So that any implementation in the spin of execution is like action

Without the spin of Will BEs
The Passive Submissive lacks rotationw



Why’s  Will Be  obliterated
within the bunch of the Passive Submissives

Why is…    the Rebellious

Why is…   the Messiah

By rotation of WILL BEs
every Passive Submissive takes back
their own sound of rotation
by their own Be Obliterated.

Why would become Passive Submissive calcium
when executing of  Execution is Must
when in its “Did Executed” still remains bits of calcium.

For calcium
These MUST BEs
Like any other rotation of any WILL BEs,
No shit



We’re not going anywhere before it is obliterated

It Must;
No matter how difficult
How impossible

In the Rotation of MUSt BEs
The Must

Like the Executive of the Rotations

We are Hanging down luminescence;

What would become of calcium then,
With Kebab.

Kebab of acknowledging the spider
Has been enriched with calcium,
Becomes enriched.

This is immediate danger

Look at its Be Passive
With great urgency,
at its Be Passive
If it can indeed not cry



Boom Boom footsteps, pure dust
Of pure dust

Barring the dust off the road wrapping ‘round you now and then,
There’s sigh of Zephyr wirling
‘round you, along with sigh-site at the pit of your throat
Your ththroat,

You’re sitting in the delve of your own palm, next to walnuts.

Over the rotation of the WILL BEs
‘round the pit down the neck, curved globs of cheeks
Lost on a WILL BE’less path
Exciting the passive, hoping it would be Activized

If Will BEs Won’t be, and rotating
‘Round the curve of th’throat

Lost in rotation

Ablaze in supposition supposing
Boom Boom s’pposing

Boom Boom suddenly down the road they appeared

Ecstatic head to toe in pure dust

Actionizing  Must have a come back

Boom Boom if must not be

What kind of a Lo’lost would bring back of-rotating of WIll BEs.

If actionize should Not indeed

Or if not formed      why would even be
of this pure dust.


Boom Boom calcium arrives

With the BOOM of shouts of MUST BE EXECUTED;
Talking Calcium stands next to its Ideals.

Regardless of any wings, hanging on teeth of any WILL BE

Lined up Calciums shout their Roar of MUST BE EXECUTED

The Hanged sang their own calcium

Must Be Actionized
We Are Not Calcium

Regardless of wings and of calcium,

We sang our own Must Be Occupied

Talking of calciums, with the pure dust, is a MUST.

Every other MUST BE EXECUTED must be organized.

Streets are full of Actionized Roars
Avenues full of a lifeless BOOM


Turn off the Sun.
The fate is sealed.

Circling ‘round hollows the darker the better
Hollows in darkness the deeper the better

Curve in the hollow of holes feels flat.

After you unsealed the fate,
Come back
‘around promenade of your pants
Don’t come out
of your pants
Because the fate is sealed
Like any other activation that MUST BE.

Choose your safe trousers
because here, in the outside

  there are those who might, outside your pants
cut you up and slash you down

Like forbidden documents you must walk back the path you’ve been taking

Walk back

Don’t come out of your slashed pants

Turn off the Sun,
and walk back


What holes there are are not enough.

Find more pits.

Pits Must Be Spotted


Make sure it doesn’t stay out.

Be watchful in case it does stay out.

Pits are reduced as it goes

   Corners stay out.

    We’ll stay out sooner or later.

We stayed out.

Find the pits.

Corners have stayed out of the pit.


Look around and find your pants.
Run, looking around for your pants.

While running to look for your pants, summon your pants.

What a beautiful name had our pants.

Look inside the pits in case some pants have been lefe there

Maybe a shirt is hanging down by its corners off girders

Or edges of a pair of pants peeks out of pits.

Search all corners.

Run, rummage around,
call your shirts and pants with their first name –

Hey You, safe and sauntering pants!
Hey You, hanged down the girder, shirts!

Saghi Ghahraman
Translation in Prograss of 8 individual pieces of interonnected poems

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