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توسط سپتامبر 8, 2022سپتامبر 15th, 2022بدون نظر

Abouzar Karimi

Allow me to show a little reaction
One night someone had stayed here

Please, My Hands, a Poet who didn’t know who he was,
My hand Please
And horror was kissing his shoulder for an uncertain period,
My hand

This was a world
Crushed under the honor of some crushed men
Allow me,
Allow me I beg you
… you at night in a world that…
I need my hands to react
At nights in a world that open my hands to react
And eight million songs in a box of a meal of cigarettes wasted away
Please permit a little
I have passed through Somalia once
It might must have been page number what of the newspaper
… and forgotten pages of a carnage not of a promise for a one time
Give a chance only once
I must show a reaction
Even if it’s only for once
Before I die
My eyebrows had my hair for one small jolt
I beg you
Set free
Next time maybe in Somalia in Auschwitz
And must think of something for next times, too
For my cigarette give me hand, and

A mouth for nonspeaking

Give me my hands
A little
Just a little.

Book of Inmost
January 2012

Translated by Saghi Ghahraman

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